Halloween fangs for zombies, vampires and monsters.

All of us have relinquished so much these past 2 years. We have relinquished celebrating together, meeting our friends, going to events. COVID-19 has rained on our parade. But that is about to end: At long last it’s back to open air, back to friends, back to being creative! We fancy starting over with you and have great news for you:

Today, befitting Friday the 13th, we would like to announce one of the largest promotions in the history of alphabite! To make Halloween scarier than ever, we will make vampire teeth, zombie teeth, monster teeth, and much more for you. Orders placed up to and including October 3, 2021 will arrive in time for Halloween. Additionally, we are planning an amazing Halloween Challenge for you. More about that shortly…

But here’s the best part: Starting August 13, 2021, you’ll get 31% off* for 13 days! Take advantage of this chance and order your professional Halloween teeth, vampire fangs, or whatever you like. Casting your dental mould by alphabite and 100% satisfaction guarantee included.

So get inspired on our website alphabite.de or order directly.

WhatsApp: +49 1515 6011187
phone: +49 931 46786468
e-mail: headoffice@alphabite.de

or via the contact form on alphabite.de.


*Campaign not combinable with other discount promotions or codes. Code: HALLOWEEN21

Model: Mokka Spektrum | Mask: Birger Laube | DOP: Frank Lübke

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