Vampire teeth & orc tusks – The most famous types of movie teeth

You’ve probably seen them in a creepy Hollywood-Blockbuster. But they are also present in the horror-scene and often used at masquerade balls and parties: professional effect teeth. From small vampire teeth to rotten zombie teeth to disgusting teeth of a beast: there are almost unlimited types of artificial teeth. We take a closer look at the five “most wanted”-categories:

Vampire Teeth & Dracula Teeth

They are extremely popular. The Internet search engine Google records thousands of search queries every month for the terms “custom vampire fangs” or “professional vampire teeth” and with good reason: The effect teeth à la Nosferatu are quickly applied and, depending on their use, look scary, attractive or even both.

However, there are big differences when it comes to the texture of the teeth. Professional vampire teeth are made of high-quality dental plastics, which makes them stand out from the cheaper versions, especially in terms of health. Read more in our article: Differences between

Monster teeth

Terrifying monsters are often two-faced. A friendly one and a cruel, brutal, scary one. The change in the creature usually affects a favorite part: the teeth. Bestial creatures, whether alien or grizzly bear, are sometimes strongly represented by oversized teeth. Very pointed, full of slime and even – bloody. In our alphabite-manufactory we create effect teeth for exactly these applications.

Zombie Teeth

Rotten stumps, covered in blood: These are zombie teeth. There are hardly any limits when it comes to dental disfigurement. “As undead and rotten as possible” is the motto. Artificial blood is often used for this purpose. The use of artificial blood on alphabite effect teeth is possible at any time. Due to the professional way in which it is made, there will be no discoloration. At the same time, the artificial blood can be washed off the film teeth without leaving any residue. But it is important to use high quality fake blood.

Orc teeth

Cruel mythical creatures that are up to no good. Unimaginable without the giant biters with which they have been characterized since forever. If you want to be an orc, please with effect teeth, only! The color and shape of the teeth varies greatly depending on the orc and can be chosen at will on a scale from realistic to deep black.

Witch teeth

Movie teeth for witches look similar to real teeth of an old person, depending on the role.

The challenge for professional uses is to make the teeth appear as “real” as possible. As with monster teeth, the same applies here: If the witch grins maliciously while “showing her teeth,” it’s clear she’s up to no good.

In addition to these categories, there are many other requirements for effect teeth. Professional production companies and makeup artists often require only slight changes to the natural appearance of a set of teeth. Especially for this, we have some special tricks and special categories up our sleeve. Interested? Get in touch with us

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