At alphabite studios,
the world is a place of endless fantasy.

Every day, we strive to design the world's greatest fx teeth. Each product is a special one. Because every product tells its own story. When are we going to produce your story?

alphabite empowers visionaries to no longer imagine but to realize what once was just the beginning of a beautiful masterplan. Our given purpose and destiny is to create Special-Effect-Teeth for pioneers, magic minds and way-pavers, only. But love for what we do and affection for unique designs is not enough to realize your imagination.
We also feel a deep desire to create something meaningful and memorable.

Be a part of our story and get to know what it feels like when we put a little piece of magic in your mouth.

Let’s master your teeth. In uncompromising quality.

Susi – master of dental technician & founder of alphabite

this is how the magic happens…

our story

The kick off was a simple idea: Susi, founder of alphabite, always used to be a passionate lover of dressing up everywhere she goes. As a dental-laboratory master she’s used to work for dentists and with professional dental plastics. As she met Esther the two decided to create customized teeth for themselves. 

In 2019 the project „Zahnspektakel“ was founded. From now on Susi and Esther made it happen to call „creating fx teeth“ their profession. Producing fx teeth on a daily-basis is the greatest thing to do for both of them. They couldn’t think of anything better – but expanding „Zahnspektakel“ and to create something even bigger. And more international. Finalizing these thoughts and plans paved the way for their new fx brand called „alphabite“.

„We have the vision that everyone with a great costume, wherever they are located on this planet, is able to finish it up with something very special“

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fx teeth specalist / dental master


fx teeth specalist

the alphabite manufactory


high-quality dental plastics


30 years of expierence


dental masters only


hypoallergenic workflows


absolute fx teeth lovers

Alphabite produces teeth that are manufactured by dental technicians to the highest standards of craftsmanship and material quality. Each dental-prosthesis is individually tailored to the customer’s dental impression. Therefore it feels comfortable to wear and it can be worn for any length of time. It can also be easily removed and replaced. During the manufacturing process, we carefully pay attention to the customers’ personality as well to his particular physical characteristics. Combined with the character for which the teeth are planned we will paint a new picture with highest professionalism and artistic demands.

The result is a spectacular overall piece of art that allows the new character of yours to live to its fullest potential.

Made in Germany.

the brand

alphabite stands for the highest quality in the creation of fx teeth. Anyone who wears our teeth becomes part of our vision which is, that every person, no matter where on our planet, can complete his or her looks and become the first to wear them, to the alpha position.

The name also stands for a derivation of the word “alphabet”.
All languages of the world are united by the combination of letters in an alphabet, without it, speaking would be impossible. Without teeth, however, pronunciation is just as difficult. Therefore, teeth are essential for our lives, which makes it clear that we should adapt them when our character changes. If these character teeth are so well adapted that the owner can speak without any difficulties, alphabet becomes alphabite.

You like our work?

You like our work?

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