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We support you in every way when it comes to special effect teeth (sfx teeth). Beginning with the production planning of a film, the production itself and all the way up to support during postproduction or VFX-animation. Of course strictly discreetly, if desired.

Script & production planning:

We are happy to contribute to your project with our knowledge during the preproduction phase of sfx-teeth. Our master dental technicians work in close cooperation with directors and film producers to achieve the best results for both small and large productions. For a 100% accuracy of the effect-teeth, we use the latest technology to produce a 3D image of the actor’s teeth.

Film production (open air / studio)

We accompany the shooting by caring about the actors effect-teeth and make adjustments, if necessary, on location. We carry the special equipment with us to every assignment to be prepared for everything. We do not replace the job of a make-up artist, but we are the responsible contact partner for the sfx-teeth. We also enjoy working closely with your stylists and make-up artists.

Postproduction / Animation

We also support film producers, editors and VFX specialists in the post-production or animation of films. Here, for example, we pay attention to the correct movement of facial muscles and expressions, especially with regard to speech and singing.

We have big visions and love what we do, so let’s cooperate if you feel the same!

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Social Networks

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