How much do professional fx teeth cost?

The most frequently asked question is: “How much do your fangs cost?” It’s hard to give a general answer, so we will explain it to you in detail. Basically, our fx teeth are in the price range between 250 – 800 €. But what exactly determines the price for fx teeth?

1. number of jaws

If you want a tooth model for upper and lower jaws, it costs more than if you only chose fx teeth for one of the jaws. For many models it is possible to have upper and lower jaws made; for more extraordinary models such as “CIMMERIAN SALAS” only one jaw can be made due to the limited space in the mouth. However, it is particularly complex when the upper and lower jaws have to fit precisely to each other. Combined with many pointed, small teeth (e.g. fish & sticks) this is a great challenge for our dental technicians. Since every model is handmade, a lot of time is spent on this. And this time is included in the price of a model.



2. system

As you may have already noticed, we have models where the teeth sit on a splint (alphasplint / splint), such with a small denture (alphaline / Softline), and so-called clippers, our alphaclip.

The splint (alphasplint) is similar to a bite splint which the artificial teeth are attached to. Sample model: “MISS THE BOAT”

The small dentures (alphaline) look like a complete set of teeth at the end, because they get an artificial gum. The colour of the gums can be individualized. Here we also work with brushes and are able to work out even the smallest details. The more precise the work is desired, the more complex and cost-intensive it will be. Sample model: “BLUE MONSTROSITY”

The clip-on models (alphaclip) always consist of several teeth that are not connected to each other and are also inserted into the mouth. Whether a splint, small prosthesis, or clip-on is used depends on the desired model and on your own teeth. Sample model: “DOUBLE MIRACLE”

Models with alphaclip and alphasplint are usually slightly cheaper than models with alphaline.




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3. teeth

Now to the most important part of alphabites: The teeth themselves!

The costs here are related to the number of teeth as well as the personalization of these. Simply said: the more teeth you want to have for your fx teeth, the more expensive they become. We can, for example, create several rows of teeth in a row, as in our model “SHARK TREATS”, which are more expensive to produce. However, the size of the teeth also influences the price, as does the color matching of these teeth. If desired, we can also drill a hole in a tooth or make a tooth look as if it had been broken off.

In addition to the teeth, we can also add extras like in the model “MATERIAL BOMB” or in “PHITHY STATEMENT”.

Almost anything is possible, and you will notice that the price of alphabites is influenced by many factors. In addition to your effect teeth, you will also receive the unique alphabite metal box. In this box you can store your fx teeth safe from dust and damage. The box is available exclusively through us.




What makes us unique?

  • alphabite Starter-Kit for tooth impression as well as two further options
  • We fit the fx teeth perfectly to your dental impression
  • Our teeth do not need to be glued
  • Hand-crafted by trained dental technicians and exclusively made with high-quality dental plastics
  • Free repair if the teeth do not fit perfectly upon delivery.

In the blog post “Can I have custom made fx teeth?”, you will find more information on this topic.
Do you have any questions on the topic “costs”? Feel free to contact us at any time, because #wearefxteeth.

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