Epic Empires

EPIC EMPIRES is an action- and competition-oriented battle con with high demands on the presentation and clothing of the characters as well as the eleven closed theme camps and districts of Neu-Ostringen. In 2020 EPIC EMPIRES will take place from 19-23 August – as always on the Utopion grounds in Bexbach.

EPIC EMPIRES, that is LARP for adults, i.e. strictly FSK 18. The players are responsible for their actions and the resulting consequences IT and OT themselves.

The basic idea of EPIC EMPIRES is to give the players free room for manoeuvre within our game idea and the event concept. We are a 24h-IT-Con. Through strict standards EPIC EMPIRES offers the best possible immersion, which is consistently implemented in the game through the DKWDDK rule system with Hollywood principle, victim rule and telling ban. “Anything goes” does not exist at EPIC EMPIRES. All theme camps and districts of the free city of Neu-Ostringen have their own clothing guidelines to contribute to a credible and consistent game world.

The age restriction also allows for a much tougher fighting system, which on the one hand is kept simple and on the other hand with the “Auf’s Maul Codex” (AMC) the hardness of each scene can be increased but also controlled.

EPIC EMPIRES is not a robe grilling or LARP festival. The quality requirements for play and ambience are ensured on the orgas side by the camp TÜV and on the player side by the annual awarding of the B grade for play and camp buildings.

EPIC EMPIRES is the product of a large community of players, camp orgas and the team. Like no other con, EPIC EMPIRES integrates the orgas of the theme camps and city districts into the organisation of the Round Table, where the concept of the event is jointly developed. EPIC EMPIRES supports player projects through play and building scholarships, the launch of its own building club and a kickback of 10 euros per sold player ticket to the camp orgas.

First and foremost, however, EPIC EMPIRES is a huge hobby project of enthusiasts who want to realize their ideas of the best possible LARP event together and push it further.

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